Trace-Ables is a family-owned and operated business located in Southern California.   Trace-Ables' creator and company founder, Sonya Nelson, is a reading specialist of more than 20 years who has taught hundreds of children how to read, write, and spell.  Her methods of instruction, and the results she produces, have long been lauded by both parents and educators alike who have implemented her methods in their own reading instruction.


       Sonya came up with the idea of Trace-Ables when teaching a young boy with a learning disability how to read and spell using magnetic letters and a dry-erase board.  The boy kept trying to write the letters and spell words on the board using the dry erase marker, but because his fine motor skills had not yet caught up to his cognitive skills, it was a laborious process and he quickly gave up.


      Knowing that teaching reading, writing, and spelling simultaneously is most effective and efficient, Nelson began searching the market for magnetic letters that could double as stencils, but found none.  The only products available were plastic stencils that are placed onto a piece of paper and used with a pencil.  Those proved cumbersome, and moved around on the paper when Sonya's student tried tracing the letters. He became just as frustrated and quickly gave up.


      That is when Sonya decided to use her years of experience and knowledge as a reading specialist to create a product of her own, and came up with Trace-Ables. This patented, engaging, easy-to-use reading and spelling system continues to astound parents and educators, and her students cannot get enough of it, and are always asking, "Can we use the Trace-Ables?"


For more information, feel free to contact us at (909)725-8232